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    Karayollari Mh. Cebeci Cd. 568/1 Sk. No: 13 K.Köy / Gaziosmanpaşa / İSTANBUL

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    Phone: 0(212) 538 15 85
    E-mail: info@hase.com.tr

About us


Hase has been combining for 30 years the creativeness and productivity o the human beings with the material. In our country and the wold, the most easthetic and most dazzling forms of the light come to life with the designs created with the fastidiousness of an artist. Our company, closely pursuing the technological developments with the understanding of continuous innovation and unlimited creativeness, is committed to have an active presence in the world market in an effort to enlighten the life with a different light. 
We are at your services in any areas gaining an aesthetic dimension to metal ranging from lighting fixtures to wrought iron accessories. Every detail created by the expertise of Hase will make your products different adding value to them with its quality and design. 
We are waiting you at our showroom to see and feel the metal with all the textures like all the real masters. 
Our work is to combine the strength of the metal with the aesthetics of the designing.